solutions to seemingly impossible situationsWhereby a seemingly inextricable problem is suddenly and abruptly solved through the combination of art and technology…

Deus Ex Media god from media

In ancient Greek and Roman theater, impossible situations were sometimes resolved through the use of technology, or deus ex machina. Using mechanical devices, the hero, savior or god would fly onto stage and swiftly bring the story to a satisfying conclusion. Deus ex machina literally means "God from machine."

Specializing in the creation of engaging, interactive multimedia since 1991, Deus Ex Media, is our modern manifestation of this idea. We create media-based technological solutions that can bring a seemingly impossible situation to a swift and satisfying resolution.

Led by David Oskorus, our team consists of developers, programmers and graphic artists specializing in interactive media.  While the vast majority of design and development is done by our core team, when needed we can support you on any aspect of multimedia development.

We are true Renaissance people in that our crossover skills allow us to wear many hats and to be intimately involved in every aspect of a project.  The advantage to clients is that they always have a single point of contact; someone who can make decisions. 

We have successfully married intellectual rigor and artistic freedom, developing effective eLearning, web, multimedia and marketing solutions for a variety of industries.  The results are applications that are not only attractive and compelling, but solid in their effectiveness, with measurable results.